What to Wear

Great Dane dog looking off camera on white background.

Wardrobe Suggestions

I’m so excited you’ve decided to showcase your relationship with your cherished pet in your portraits. Here are some clothing guidelines to help in preparing for your photo shoot. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

1. Dressy or Casual
Part of the beauty of shooting in a studio is that your photos can be whatever style you like. From formal to casual, it’s totally up to you and there’s no right or wrong. Is casual more your style? Great! Elegant dresses and suits? Also great! These are your portraits and should represent you. Just be sure to keep everyone’s outfits the same level of dressiness. 

2. Coordinating not Matching
Consider choosing complementary outfits in terms of color and style, rather than an exact match. Being overly matched will date the images and we want them to be timeless.

3. Wear Well-Fitted Clothes
For photos, it’s more flattering to err on the side of snug fitting clothes rather than loose or baggy. Always wear clothes that define your shape.

4. Layering
The layered look tends to be very flattering and adds visual interest. Examples include a fitted jacket, blazer or sweater.

5. Color Palette
When it comes to coordinating colors among family members, it can help to start with a general palette such as earth tones or neutrals. From there, each family member can express their own style within the color palette.

6. Patterns
Make sure any patterns worn are simple and subtle. For group photos, a good rule of thumb is if one person wears a pattern then two others should not.

7. Footwear
At pet photography sessions it’s very possible that your footwear will appear in the photos, so keep this in mind when selecting outfits and consider something that matches the style of clothing.

8. Accessories
Feel free to include fun or meaningful accessories in your wardrobe planning. Bracelets, earrings, rings, etc.

9. Comfort
Be sure to pick clothes that represent you and that you feel good wearing. A great outfit can lift us up and put a little extra spring in our step!

10. Things to Avoid
It suggest avoiding bold patterns, logos, loose fitting clothing and the color white. To help your photos stand the test of time, also steer clear of any clothing options that are overly trendy at the moment.